Vote Robert McCraight For Romulus Mayor

During my twenty-plus years with the City of Romulus, I have had the privilege and opportunity to represent and serve my community, take on new challenges and gain extensive governmental experience.  

Meet Robert McCraight

Robert McCraight Has Spent Much of His Life In Romulus; Living, Learning, Working, and Serving

Bob and his wife Kendra McCraight are both active members of the community, both having grown up with families deeply involved in their hometown of Romulus. As proud father of Garret and Lauren McCraight, and proud Papa of Declan and Dahlia, Bob lives a life of service to others as an example for his children and grandchildren. The McCraight family has called Romulus home for generations and have served the community in many ways; through church (St. Aloysius) and the schools. They were involved in the initial programs of the Romulus Progressive Club. Bob, like his uncle, also volunteered as a paid-on-call firefighter/EMT from 1993 to 1998 and helped with the Goodfellows program.

Bob has been instrumental in bringing several events to Romulus that both benefit residents and draw visitors. Some of these events assisted Romulus’ senior citizens, residents in a financial or health crisis, and our city’s youth. In fact, he is a former Romulus Little League manager and team sponsor.  In 2018, Bob received the Veterans of Foreign War Distinguished Service Award and in 2019, Bob was recognized as Romulus Chamber of Commerce 34th Person of the Year.

A personal passion for Bob is our military and support of those who have served our Great Country.  Bob is dedicated to causes that honor and provide essential needs for United States Military Veterans. He is the Co-Founder of Romulus Veterans Outreach Coalition, which focuses on service projects for resident veterans. Past projects include repairs to homes, yard restoration and other enhancement projects.  He has organized annual clothing, blanket, and toiletry drives for homeless Veterans. Bob is co-Founder of Romulus Roamin’ Chrome annual classic car and motorcycle road rally. This fun event supports local businesses while raising funds to assist veterans in need.  Romulus Wreaths Across America is yet another one of the national events that Bob helped bring to Romulus, with a purpose to remember our US veterans buried in our cemetery and to teach our children about honoring our heroes. It helps catalog our veterans to a definitive list, which grows every year as we build awareness, and raise thousands of dollars to support our local veterans.  The popular Romulus Curling Royale; an annual winter curling event is yet another event Bob enjoys and is organizing every year as a Win-Win event that supports various veteran and youth charities while providing fun and entertainment for the community.

Active with Other Veteran Organizations

On a Regional and National level, Bob McCraight is active with Veteran Organizations such as Foundation 14.  He is Vice President of the foundation, which focuses on service projects for combat veterans suffering from PTSD, depression and isolation through project participation and engagement. Foundation 14 is a 501C3 dedicated to changing, and sometimes even saving the lives of warfighters, providing fellowship, answers, and solutions other than those found in a pill, at the bottom of a bottle, or worse. Foundation 14 has proudly presented 13 custom Harley Davidson motorcycles in four years, many modified to overcome challenges and injuries that would typically prevent a warrior from riding.

Additionally, Bob was a board member of the Rolling Thunder and Michigan Chapter Board Chairman –a national organization focused on raising awareness and the needs of military veterans. Foundation 14 awarded him Officer of the Year in 2018.

Experience Matters!

Robert McCraight's 20+ Years With The City Of Romulus Have Given Him The Privilege And Opportunity To Represent And Serve Romulus.

  • Bob McCraight is theChief Building Official and Director of the Building and Safety and Public Services Departments. He has incorporated overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Department of Public Works while continuing the role of Chief Building Official and Director of Building and Safety.
  • He is the administrative liaison to the Planning Commission, the Zoning Board of Appeals, the DDA and TIFA Director.
  • Under his direction, the Ordinance Enforcement Division was added to the Department of Public Service. The Scope of Director of Public Service duties included Economic Development Director responsibilities, serving as the point of contact to assist with and attract new development projects in the City of Romulus.
  • During this time, Bob brought to the city critical development, economic growth, and community enhancement. In fact, the City of Romulus was recently recognized for the most significant development growth in the region.
  • Under his Direction, adapted processes and procedures were created to continue development during the Covid Pandemic, resulting in over 1,000,000 sq. ft. of building development, tax base, and employment opportunities in 2020.
  • Ninety+ residential homes were constructed in 2020. Now in 2021, residential homes are on track to exceed the new construction rates of 2020.
  • Recognizing the need for strong collaboration between city departments for citywide code enforcement (through compliance), Bob established the City of Romulus Code Enforcement round table.  This group brings administration and frontline staff together to discuss key areas of concern, share best practices, simplify processes, and improve communication between departments. 
  • As the Director of Building and Safety, Bob McCraight ensured the demolition of over 300 substandard homes.
  • He led the fight against the implementation of updated FEMA Flood Plain Maps, impacting over 300 residential property owners who would have been required to add flood insurance to their homeowner insurance policies; saving some residents annual insurance increases of $2,000 – $4,000.   
  • Extensive research and diligence resulted in FEMA recognizing new proposed maps were inaccurate. They were corrected to remove the residential properties from the Floodplain.
  • Other cost-saving efficiencies were suggested and implemented by FEMA during this process, resulting in insurance savings to Romulus residents and across the state.
  • Bob implemented office reorganization and cross-training of the Building Safety Department and Public Works front line clerical service staff, creating front line service efficiencies, and restoring full-time operational hours to serve the public.  

A Word from Bob McCraight

Business Growth and Our Community

A city thrives when there are jobs and opportunities for its residents to succeed and enjoy a safe community. This is the reason why my family settled here in the 1960s. When the focus on jobs and opportunities faded, there was no effort to replenish them. My track record shows that I am an experienced decision-maker who leads by example. I have focused on streamlining processes that had previously stifled development in our city.  The fair and cooperative attitudes of our staff city wide have provided a welcoming, inviting culture for developers.  Together we are bringing back jobs and opportunities to our residents who can once again thrive in a clean & safe community.

Bringing in industry and development will bring in jobs and opportunities, which leads to additional housing.  Additional housing will raise the interest in retail and commercial development.  The industry and housing sectors combined will also increase our tax base.  An increased tax base will provides opportunities to balance our budget, support and update public safety, repair our neighborhood streets, and continue to build a Romulus in which we can be proud.

Experience and Dedication

I am the candidate with a modern perspective, the professional knowledge and operational experience, with the heart and dedication to our City to meet this challenge.  Romulus deserves a leader who isn’t afraid of rolling up his sleeves and doing the hard work it takes to revitalize our community. Romulus deserves a leader who values action over words! On November 2, 2021, please vote for Bob McCraight for Mayor of Romulus.



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